Over 25 years of experience bringing recognizable name-brand products
to market.

Product Development

We have over 25 years experience working with companies to bring recognizable name-brand products to market. Morpace brings expertise as well as a portfolio of unique solutions to each stage in the product development process.

Opportunity Identification

Unique qualitative and quantitative approaches of Morpace help identify and define and understand target markets and target customer groups and identify the product benefits and features that represent real market opportunities. We can help you:

  • Gain a deep understanding customers lives, lifestyles and their product/service needs through Ethnography, Observation Research and Projection Workshops
  • Refine your product development strategy with customer and market Segmentation

Product Development

Research approaches focused on concept testing, product optimization, pricing, and consumer trial allow Morpace clients to:

  • Model market dynamics, product preferences and pricing using Conjoint & Discrete Choice Modeling
  • Create new product concepts with Concept Builder
  • Link benefits & attributes with B-Link™
  • Use Consumer Values as a framework to reveal how the benefits consumers want are shaped by Values, Lifestyles, and Social Context
  • Deliver a thorough assessment of the ROI gained through Event Research
  • Simulate the effect of potential actions on preference, appeal or satisfaction by using PROM™ (Predictive Research Optimization Model)
  • Discover optimum configurations for complex products using SOCO™(Complexity Management)
  • Evaluate actual products through Sensory Testing, and Home-use product placement tests
  • Test virtual products and shopping situations using Virtual Choice online shelf testing

Product Performance

Successful products require pricing, promotion, distribution, and advertising. Morpace’s custom research solutions can provide useful tools for each of these areas. See the Brand and Communications section for details.

Product Life-Cycle Management

At Morpace we support this process through ongoing Customer Satisfaction tracking, Lost Customer Analysis, and Product Reformulation and Re-launch research.

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