DataDialogueTM | Community Powered by Morpace combines large samples of representative, real-world, customer data with ongoing engagement via an Insights Community to provide contextual understanding of user behavior, product usage, and duty cycles.

DataDialogue Community Graphic
Morpace recruits your target audience and coordinates with the community members for the installation of a sensor or telematics device. Morpace then collects the data in real-time, aggregates, and analyzes the data to address the pre-defined business objective(s). To gain contextual understanding of user behavior and product usage, Morpace invites community members to complete online surveys. This unique pairing of real-world user data with contextual surveys provides a truly unique perspective of the interaction between user and product.

Immediate and Long-Term Benefits

  • Faster product development
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduction in product development cost
  • Improved brand advocacy and quality

Relieve Manufacturing Burdens

  • Government regulations
  • Escalating complexity
  • Decreasing product development times
  • Demand for personalization
  • Internet of Things data overload

Integrate Previously Separate Paradigms

Traditional Voice of Customer feedback scattered across disparate data sources is replaced with experiences based on actual user events and in-the-moment ownership experiences. The centralization of an array of data inputs enables robust analysis and modeling to better understand consumers’ expectations across customer segments and geography.

Real World Application Delivers Impactful Results

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OEMs have applied insights gleaned through DataDialogue to improve their product development process and quickly respond to evolving consumer demands. To receive a case study about how DataDialogue | Community has been leveraged cost effectively for business impact, click the button above.

For more information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 248.737.5300.