Big Context: Explaining the “Why” Behind the Data


DataDialogue™ Powered by Morpace is an infrastructure and suite of solutions that combine Internet of Things (IoT) data collected directly from your customers’ devices with market research insights to provide ongoing contextual understanding of user behavior, product usage, and duty cycles.


  • Use real-time, real-world customer usage data
  • Talk to customers for timely response around observed performance or behavior
  • Better understanding of real-world customer product or service usage and behavior
  • Invite your customers into the product development process
  • Engage in early issue detection post launch

Humanizing Data

DataDialogue combines large samples of representative, real-world, customer data – acquired through data sets, sensors, and/or telematics – and contextualizes it with the Morpace research capabilities of insight communities, mobile applications, surveys, and analysis to humanize the customer experience. DataDialogue helps explain the “why” behind the data and humanizes the interaction between man and machine.

DataDialogue graphic

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