Medical Technology

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Better health. Product safety. Innovation.

Morpace brings four decades of healthcare market research expertise to gather the Voice of your Customer, their Customer Experience, and help you conduct Product Testing and Human Factors Evaluations that uncover opportunities for innovation and improved safety.

Morpace services include:

  • Voice of the Customer – Applying qualitative methodologies including face-to-face interviews, in-depth telephone interviews, and focus groups, Morpace has decades of experience working with patients, medical professionals, health plans, and business stakeholders.
  • Customer Experience – Explore the journey your customer segments must take to obtain and use your products, develop personas to understand paths to purchase and successful communication strategies, and identify brand awareness and competitive advantages for your brand through quantitative brand tracking studies.
  • Product Testing Clinics – Evaluate how medical professionals and consumers receive and use your products, collect data to support quality reporting, and leave the recruitment, set up and staffing to Morpace.
  • Human Factors – Engage our Ethnography staff to evaluate human interaction with medical devices, equipment, and supplies through Observation Research and Projection Workshops.
  • Patient Online Communities – Collaborate with customers or end users as your strategic business advisors in a real time, online research community that allows you to collect iterative research and gain a deeper understanding of how specific disease sharing populations access your technology and services.
  • Product Development – Research approaches focused on concept testing, product optimization, pricing, and consumer trial allow Morpace clients to model market dynamics, product preferences, portfolio configuration, and pricing using a variety of analytical tools and quantitative approaches.

For more information on why Morpace Healthcare is the perfect Rx to help you improve your customer experience strategy, please contact Cheryl Cusmano, VP Healthcare Research, at 248.308.6966 |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..