Access & Availability Studies

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Is your Plan collecting and analyzing data to evaluate members’ access to care?

Core Solution: Appointment Availability and After Hours Access Studies with Providers

Enhanced Solution: Core Study + Corrective Action Letters for Providers Who Do Not Meet Access Standards and Re-Survey After Providers Implement Interventions

Comprehensive Solution: Core Study + Corrective Action Letters and Re-Survey + In-Depth Analysis with Members & Providers

  • Compare findings across members and providers
  • Identify barriers to care
  • Highlight improvement opportunities

Access Availability Table

The Morpace Advantage:

  • Conducting Access & Availability studies since 2010
  • Experience with primary care physicians, specialists, and behavioral health providers
  • Fields approx. 45 studies each year in nearly 30 states
  • Customizes survey to meet unique Plan needs
  • Experienced Access & Availability research team that
    • Understands complex provider lists and nuances across provider types
    • Navigates phone trees and medical departments within large practices
    • Collects, reviews, and integrates verbatim comments to aid in analysis

Access & Availability Experience:

Green States are where Morpace has fielded Access & Availability Studies

Access Availability Studies Map


For more information on how Morpace can help you with your Access & Availability research, please contact Cheryl Cusmano, VP Healthcare Research, at 248.308.6966 |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..