TrimMix Research

Conveniently replicate a consumer’s online vehicle shopping experience

What if automakers had a better understanding of how consumers viewed the trim levels available in their vehicles? They could anticipate consumer demand and preferences and get the answers they need on what trim levels should be offered—before they go to market—saving time and money while improving the shopping experience.

This is what Morpace’s TrimMix® research has to offer. Using similar concepts that are inherent with Morpace’s SOCO™ solution, we can replicate a consumer’s online shopping experience simply by using a specific questionnaire designed to provide automakers with detailed data points. With it, they will better understand consumer price sensitivity, trim level preferences, and more. TrimMix deliverables include a simulator to experiment with how a variety of price points affect trim level appeal.

Furthermore, this solution is versatile. You can host a questionnaire with consumers at central locations, or conduct this research online, providing lower costs and a national sample.

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