Commercial & Fleet Vehicles

Morpace has an experienced and dedicated Commercial and Fleet Vehicle team that provides qualitative and quantitative research and a full range of research solutions. Our team works with small groups in one-on-one interviews and focus group settings and have the resources to conduct research involving thousands of participants.

What sets Morpace apart as a solutions provider?

Access to Industry Professionals
Commercial and Fleet Vehicle businesses are harder to reach and not as accessible as light vehicle owners. We have both the experience and know-how to ensure your target market is reached.

Dedicated Team
Morpace is a high value partner with a dedicated Commercial and Fleet Vehicle team that manages a specialized practice. Our senior-level researchers are only focused on the expansive commercial and fleet vehicle sphere.

Industry Knowledge
Our researchers understand the language and know the context of the Commercial and Fleet Vehicle markets. As an NTEA Member and a regular attendee at major industry shows like MATS, we understand the challenges that these professionals face are different than in any other sector of the traditional automotive industry.  We also know that issues such as telematics, increasing competition, recruiting and retaining drivers and safety continue to define the industry.

Global Expertise
Our Commercial and Fleet Vehicle focus is expanding into important global markets including North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin America. We have managed research projects in over 60 countries and on five continents.

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