Automotive Product Clinics

One of Morpace’s core competencies is conducting automotive clinics, executing over 30 clinics a year, ranging from small, one city static evaluations with 100 respondents, to large-scale, multi-country dynamic tests with over 1,000 respondents.

Expert clinic staff and processes will make your project a success:

  • Dedicated Clinic Team –  Team members are well versed in the product development evolution process. Each team is lead by a Senior Researcher who is involved in all aspects of the clinic experience.
  • Data Gathering – Data is captured using state-of-the-art handheld devices such as PDAs or tablets. This assures fast data delivery to clients as well as efficient project modifications.
  • On-Site Presentations – Morpace can provide an on-site presentation as a live, in-person meeting or via a web-based meeting. Results can be provided within 24 hours of the end of the clinic prior to a qualitative follow-up. This timely presentation:
    • allows ‘Why’ questions raised by the data to be included in the moderators guide for probing in the focus group.
    • provides a unique opportunity for the clients to sit in, drive or interact with the actual product tested at the clinic and visualize exactly what the respondent evaluated within the clinic environment.
  • Clinic Logistics Team –  The Morpace Clinic Logistics Team concentrates exclusively on clinic logistics, freeing the research staff to focus on the questionnaire, analytics and presentation. The Logistics Team’s relationships with facilities and vendors also allow us to be cost competitive while upholding our quality standards.

Automotive clinic examples include:

  • 3D Projection Digital Imaging Clinics – Three Dimensional (3D) Clinics use the latest in current research methodologies and technologies and they save money. Conducted using digital, computer-generated images of advanced products. Based on preliminary results, changes can be made during the clinic process to gather updated consumer reactions to the new design.
  • Static Clinics –  Some static clinics emphasize marketing positioning, while others are more human factor or design oriented, depending on the product development stage. Issues may include detailed evaluations of packages and features, instrumentation, interior/exterior styling/image, product positioning and pricing, in combination or individually.
  • Dynamic Clinics – These range from general dynamic performance to detailed evaluations of instrumented vehicles. End users are often emphasized for upcoming or recent introductions, advertising/communication strategies. Dynamic clinics are also designed to meet unique product conditions, as well as power trains (hybrid, diesel), transmissions, infrastructure, and advanced features.
  • Feature Content Clinics – These clinics measure feature usability, desirability and pricing interest, from current to advanced features. Particular emphasis is placed on total price positioning, option package development, and determining appropriateness of future content for individual segments.
  • Inspection Clinics – These engineering-focused clinics are often conducted on relatively recent product introductions to better understand early customer experiences. Owners describe both problems and delights with their vehicles to assist in product improvements.

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