Predict the effect of post-research actions on consumer ratings.

Product Optimization Model (PROM)

PROM™ (Predictive Research Optimization Model) is an innovative new simulator which accurately predicts the effect of post research actions on product, brand and satisfaction consumer ratings. Development teams can “war game” potential improvement and trade-off scenarios with PROM to guide product enhancements and increase consumer acceptance - such as simulating styling changes to improve an overall appearance rating.

PROM Methodology

The PROM methodology integrates consumer attribute ratings with good variable fit and overall rating predictability. The process has evolved through the evaluation and refinement of applicable model structures and statistical analyses. The resulting approach elegantly addresses the key concern of attribute multicollinearity and demonstrates high predictive accuracy validated across multiple applications and projects.

Key Benefits of PROM

Ability to create and assess “What If” scenarios of potential product changes using recently completed research; this goes beyond just the identification of key drivers. A user friendly interface which is hands-on and more intuitive than pages of data or charts. Strengthened linkage between research findings and necessary post research actions. Attribute prioritization which integrates impact and gap to comparative product ratings.

How PROM Works

A PROM simulator is easy to understand and use as evidenced by this automotive example:

  • Original mean consumer attribute ratings from research are presented as a “starting point” reference.
  • Comparative minimum to maximum mean observed rating ranges for attributes are presented to guide scenario creation.
  • “What If” improvement or trade-off scenarios are developed by entering the desired mean attribute ratings in the shaded column.
  • Simply click on the Calculate button to begin the “What If” scenario simulation and update the predicted overall exterior appearance rating bar chart.

The proprietary PROM methodology and simulator are exclusively provided by Morpace. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about applying PROM to improve consumer acceptance of your company’s products and services.