Manage and create a strategy for the challenge of choice.

Complexity Management (SOCO)

SOCO™ (Strategic Optimization of Complex Offerings) is a solution exclusively offered by Morpace that helps companies to manage the challenge of product complexity when marketing such products to the marketplace. SOCO was originally developed for the automobile industry where the sheer size of the complexity problem overwhelmed conjoint-based methods, however it is applicable to clients in a variety of industries.

Virtually all automotive OEMs have used SOCO technology with its light vehicles to reduce the number of different vehicle configurations, identify feature pricing opportunities and risks, option packages, product configurations and more. Likewise SOCO can help solve complexity challenges companies in such industries as commercial vehicles and fleets, retail and consumer goods, technology, healthcare and financial services.

SOCO configurator research has also been employed in the service sector to design employee healthcare plans optimized to satisfy both employers and employees, and to learn airline passengers’ seating preferences. It is an ideal solution to help reduce customer confusion over product offerings and options and can help streamline your operational efforts.

Case Studies

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