View your customers as they experience your product in real time.


LiveDrive from Morpace allows you to hear the voice of the customer “in the moment,” candid and unscripted. Not only can you gather immediate opinions from consumers about a product or service in real time, but it can be recorded in HD, streamed live over the Web and viewed remotely from a focus group venue, computer tablet or smart phone. This qualitative/quantitative research can have a significant impact on your business.

Our experienced Morpace moderators will oversee the LiveDrive process to ensure no biased opinions. The flexibility of the LiveDrive approach also allows clients to interact with the moderator during the interview by text, online chat, email or Bluetooth.

This flexible solution is designed to supplement your other research methodologies to provide you with a cost-effective option. It is an effective tool for the automotive, retail and consumer goods and technology industries.

Be there with your consumers - in the moment - with LiveDrive.

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