We will facilitate a comprehensive
understanding of design.

Design Network

The medium of images used in this innovative solution represents a far more powerful and richer vocabulary than can be provided with words alone. Indeed, many of the verbal attributes used daily in market research are fraught with ambiguity – both within and across cultures. There is a significant risk that words like “subtle,” “sporty” and “classy” conjure up different mental images for different people, making it difficult to compare respondents’ feedback equally.

So this process uses internationally validated images, that make it easy for respondents to characterize propositions in a way that has proven to create deeper and more differentiated expressions of how customers interpret design.

In addition to developing richer and more differentiated characterizations of design propositions, Design Network also delivers greatly enhanced diagnostic direction. The profile of a design proposition can be overlaid on our statistically derived design theme relational landscape and then reconciled with design language ideals created by consumers.

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