Making Vehicle Data Work For the Fleet Executive

DataDialogue™ | Pulse Powered by Morpace is an innovative, mobile solution for Fleet Professionals that addresses today’s critical trucking issues and data integration challenges to help you improve fleet profitability.

Combined with industry best practices, DataDialogue | Pulse helps the Fleet Executive extract actionable insights from the data you already own to better support the strategic fleet management decision-making process.

While there’s no silver bullet worth $1M per unit hidden in your data, there is low-hanging fruit that will net $.01 per unit, $.10 per unit, $1 per unit or more over the course of time. The big wins can come from the small fixes and incremental improvements.


FleetPulse 03 350w


DataDialogue | Pulse harnesses vehicle data and combines it with context, business operations data, and environmental data to deliver:

  • Actionable, real-time KPI reports
  • At-risk vehicle push notifications
  • Driving event contextual feedback
  • Predictive analytics and models

With these insights in a single point of access, DataDialogue | Pulse empowers the Fleet Executive to:

  • Get dispatched vehicles moving
  • Increase miles per vehicle driven
  • Focus on preventative maintenance
  • Improve driver engagement
  • Identify training and driver opportunities

DataDialogue | Pulse Powered by Morpace will beta release in Q2 2018.

For more information, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 248.737.5300.