Learn how to deliver consistent and personalized customer experience.

Customer Experience

The experienced staff at Morpace will help you build long-term customer loyalty and increase the profits that can be earned from each customer. 

  • Relationship surveys measure how well your products, marketing, sales/service and infrastructure are perceived by the customers relative to the competition, and identify the areas for future investment that will lead to greatest market share and growth. Our surveys focus on critical moments and important customer needs.

  • Transaction surveys help build customer loyalty by improving the quality of customer interactions.  We measure customers’ perceptions of your sales, service and products soon after the sales or service transaction.  Our teams identify key differentiators that strongly impact loyalty and spending.  We provide strategic reports and detailed scorecards to enable change.  Morpace consulting drives change deep into your organization.  Significant change leads to greater revenues and profits.

Why Morpace?  We have 60+ years of experience in measuring customer opinions, and 30+ years of experience with qualitative methodologies.  Morpace focuses relentlessly on uncovering important findings that have positive financial impact.  We use our experience to find the strongest possible levers of change for your business. 

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The following case studies feature real-life client challenges and describe how our proprietary solutions provided them with significant value and strategic guidance.
Customer Satisfaction - Point of Sale
Customer Satisfaction - Service Recovery