Transactional Loyalty

Integrate Your Brand Strategy, Measurement and Training for Maximum Impact and Efficiency.

Our goal is to increase your revenues and profits. Projects begin by identifying differentiators: specific service, sales or product attributes that matter greatly to your customers. Differentiators are things that your employees do for your customers that are significant and memorable. We measure and track managers’ performance to help them improve. The same Morpace team that uncovers differentiators and tracks performance then deliver motivational training that creates change. The result is greater consistency on attributes that matter to your customers. Our process involves six key steps:



1. Identify Possible Differentiators – Morpace identifies possible differentiators by conducting executive interviews, best practice manager interviews, ethnographic research, and focus groups (live or TeleWeb™). We identify strong drivers of loyalty and spending by focusing on critical moments and customer needs.

2. Advance Planning – A joint Morpace-client team develops details plans for the communications, training, incentives and other requirements for effective execution.

3. Test candidates for financial impact – Morpace conducts a baseline customer survey. We merge customer opinion data with actual revenue data. Using the combined data, our statistical analysis (1) identifies the best Loyalty Metric for your business, and (2) prioritizes attributes to help you choose the strongest differentiators. Our statistical experts will use the most appropriate technique such as Potential Gain in Loyalty (PGL), Average Over Ordering regression techniques and predictive Structural Equation Modeling.

4. Track scores for each manager – Morpace will begin continuous interviewing of your customers using the most appropriate survey method. We produce and deliver concise and easy-to-use scorecards to each manager or representative. Each employee learns exactly what needs to improve. For your project managers and analysts, we provide real-time web-based reporting tools including WebTrack.

5. Drive Improvements with Strategic Action Planning and Training – Action Planning Workshops with your leaders, using our Online Consensus Builder™ tool, help them focus on the areas with the strongest impact. Morpace Manager Training and Follow-Up Coaching brings each manager on board, explaining what the scores mean, what needs to be done, and how to do it.

6. Assess Impact – Using customer-level opinion data, Morpace measures how much improvement has occurred in the eyes of customers. In addition, we determine how improved differentiator performance impacts spending, cross-sell, and share of wallet. These estimates quantify the payoff to your company of greater loyalty. We also evaluate which differentiators lose their effectiveness over time, and replace them with new drivers of loyalty as needed.

Contact Morpace who will work closely with you to match the most appropriate techniques and tools for the customer advocacy challenges unique to your organization.