Relationship Loyalty

Create Customers Who Are Not Only Satisfied, But Are Loyal Advocates – The Key to Success.

Our process for helping your business succeed through measuring, understanding, and changing customer relationships involves four key steps:


1. Comprehensive Measurement – To improve the customer experience, you must measure the RIGHT things. We leverage qualitative techniques such as our TeleWeb™ tool, and deep category understanding, to identify all possible influences on the customer mindset. These influences are then quantified through our data collection capabilities spanning all available methods. As part of the measurement process, we work with our clients to develop Loyalty Metrics that go beyond just measuring satisfaction to look at, and predict, actual behavior.

2. Insightful Analyses – The most important attributes are not always the ones that offer the greatest opportunity to improve the customer experience. To identify the important factors impacting satisfaction and loyalty, we use a variety of analytical tools including Potential Gain in Loyalty (PGL), Average Over Ordering regression techniques, predictive Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling. Linkages with client data and metrics are established wherever possible to enhance the predictive power of the analyses. The results can be presented in the form of simulation modelers, such as the Loyalty Predictor Model that predicts the impact of overall loyalty on changes in attitudinal and performance measures.

3. Impactful Reporting – In order to be acted upon, the results of customer satisfaction and loyalty research need to be as concise and easily understood as possible, and the results need to make it into the hands of those who are in the best position to use the information. Morpace has developed a suite of specialized reporting tools to create and disseminate the results of large scale programs – including custom automated ‘dashboards’ that can be housed at Morpace hosted client portal reporting websites, and real-time web-based reporting tools including WebTrack.

4. Action Planning – With internal buy-in and support for improvement efforts, programs can drive improvement in the customer experience and provide value to the organization. Morpace assists our clients in developing strategic action plans for improvement through our in-person Action Planning Workshops and our Online Consensus Builder™ tool. The focus of these programs is to help your organization to develop specific action plans focused on those areas that the research has shown will have the most impact on satisfaction and loyalty. In this way we go from just measuring satisfaction and loyalty to actually impacting it!

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