Discover what your consumers want.

Consumer Valuation

Learning the Why Behind the What

With rampant brand and product proliferation, marketing winners will be those who understand not only what their consumers want, but also why. Morpace Consumer Values Animation™ (CVA™) research provides essential insight into what consumers want, and why, so that your product development and marketing communications plans can be precisely focused.

Morpace CVA™ research is an integrated system for understanding who your customers are, what they value, and how they think about products. Must-have insight for making product and marketing decisions in today’s marketplace.

CVA™ research is a unique synthesis of recent developments in psychological, sociological, and anthropological research including:

  • Ethnographic Interviews
  • Projection Workshops
    • Metaphor Elicitation Techniques
    • Values Elicitation Techniques
    • Values, Goals, Attributes Mapping (the Means-End Chain)
    • Internet Based Quantification
  • B-Link™
  • Multi-Media Reporting and Reference Materials

Product Development

Morpace CVA™ research identifies the key product attributes and features that provide a competitive advantage – the features and attributes that your product must deliver in order to appeal to its target market. It points to the characteristics of the ideal product, and why consumers gravitate to it. It ranks the importance of specific features and attributes. CVA™ research also helps management target investment dollars to maximize competitive advantage.

Marketing Communications

CVA™ research clarifies direction for creative planning, including guidance for your copy platform and for graphic, photographic, or video concept development. Grounded in customer values and desired outcomes, Morpace CVA™ research lays a foundation for the creation of layouts and storyboards with the most attention getting and purchase-motivating messages and images.

Market Segmentation

Morpace CVA™ research is used to segment customers into groups based on the benefits they seek from a product; or to add depth to a pre-existing consumer segmentation. With its emphasis on desired outcomes, the CVA™ process adds depth and dimension to the understanding of target segments.

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