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Our Omnibus and MyDrivingPower reports highlight consumer preferences and trends for the business community.


Cardholder Sentiment for "Smart" Chip Cards is Mixed
When it comes to self-driving vehicles, what do consumers think about Google and Apple technology?
Read how banks can encourage consumers' use of mobile banking

What impacts the perception consumers have of commercial vehicle companies?
More consumers plan to shop on Cyber Monday than Black Friday
Consumers consider the value of environmentally friendly commercial fleets
Consumers' Appetite for Texts from Dealerships
Consumers wary of using mobile phones as "virtual" pay cards
Fewer consumers prefer e-receipts over traditional printed receipts
American Black Friday retail trends revealed
Consumers share how they use their smart phone to shop for a new car
Healthcare costs and government shutdown impact consumer spending
Consumers use mobile devices to make buying decisions
When and where consumers service their vehicles
Consumer preferences for electric and hybrid vehicles
Omnichannel Features While Shopping
Reserve Online, Pick up in Retail Store
Consumers are excited about the emerging digital and household technologies
Consumers value the technology they use on a daily basis


Consumer buying habits for Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles Revealed
Apple brand matters to EV/Hybrid vehicle owers

Trends in consumer usage of charging stations
Consumer preferences for designs and charging tendenciesof EV/PHEV vehicles
Common uses of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

White Papers

Our professionals author these papers, providing in-depth analysis and points of view on industry or research topics.

Quantitative Measurement of Emotion
Written by James Leiman, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Morpace Inc. (April, 2013)

Car buyers are motivated to purchase based on powertrain features
Written by Bill Pendry (October, 2010)

Don't forget your"place" when developing a customer satisfaction strategy
Written by Jason Mantel, Senior Vice President, Morpace Inc. (July, 2010)