Uncover in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior and what drives them.

Retail & Consumer Goods

No matter what retail segment your business is in, customer preferences constantly change. Retailer innovation and the introduction of new products are critical in ensuring long-term viability, maintaining a competitive edge, and fostering growth.

Morpace offers a wide variety of services and solutions that help you get customers into your stores as well as visiting your websites. Our research delivers insights on how to retain customers, increasing their loyalty, satisfaction and brand awareness. That’s because our retail industry experts and research professionals provide advice, strategic guidance and actionable insights.

We go above and beyond, providing accurate, timely data and corresponding metrics. We will help you understand what is behind the numbers and consult with you on how to best use the data to implement smart and strategic marketing initiatives. We stress quality with all projects and strictly adhere our quality measurement standard.

Our professionals are well-versed in the research needs of retailers, both brick-and-mortar stores as well as their e-commerce counterparts. From big box chains to specialty stores, from luxury to discount, we delve into the unique issues that are affecting your retail business today.

Morpace is especially known for our expertise in the following retail specialty areas:

  • Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advocacy
  • Branding and Communication Strategy
  • Product Development