Online Communities for Health Plans

Drive Health Plan Customer Engagement with Claros Communities

With Claros Communities™, you can achieve an in-depth understanding of your customer. For example:

  • Are you prepared to shift to a true customer centric business model that considers the experience of your business partners and providers?
  • Do you really understand the values and motivations behind your members’ health plan purchasing decisions by segment?
  • Are you getting beneficiary feedback in time to support quality improvements that drive improvements in Star Ratings?
  • Do you have a forum for a real time conversation engaging your employees across your entire enterprise?

Claros Communities will allow you to deeply engage with today’s empowered customer by interacting with them in your own private, online research community.

Morpace Brings you Tools and Technology to Hear the Voice of Your Customer
Morpace works with you to screen, profile, and invite your target consumers to your online research community panel. Panel members engage in an ongoing-series of activities designed to uncover insights on their relationship with your products, services, and employees. Morpace provides expert support that helps you drive iterative research and data gathering in a real time, cost effective framework. We bring online platforms that meet your needs and your budget.

Turn Insights into Engagement that Delivers Business Impact
Insights gleaned from an ongoing relationship with your members will enable you to improve the customer experience, identify ways to increase health status, and reduce cost inefficiency.

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