Healthcare Services

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Understanding patients, who may suffer from the same ailments but have differing histories, is a complex assignment. Our experience in the patient services sector allows us to address these issues intelligently and with full recognition of HIPAA considerations. Morpace has established practices with many leading clients in the following sectors:

  • Hospital systems
  • Provider groups
  • Outpatient facilities 
  • Retail outlets

Delivering intelligent design, valuable insights, and excellent service, our expertise includes designing research and consultation to respond to critical business issues related to customer experience, product/service development, and branding:

Regulatory Surveys
Experienced, Timely, Accurate Management and Reporting of:

  • Commercial CAHPS
  • Medicaid CAHPS
  • HOS

Supporting Research for Regulatory Programs
Insightful & Actionable Research Addressing CAHPS Scores & More:

  • Mock CAHPS - simulate CAHPS to track results & trend scores
  • CAHPS Deep Dive - data drill to explore response rationales
  • CG-CAHPS - member assessment of Clinician/Group performance
  • Behavioral Health/ECHO - assess specialty services
  • Provider Satisfaction - obtain feedback from frontline providers
  • Case / Disease Management - assess program effectiveness
  • Access & Availability - identify access to care issues
  • Health Risk Assessments - risk calculations and individual care plans

Branding & Communication Research
Awareness, Attitudes and Perceptions of your Brand:

  • Brand Trackers - performance vis-a-vis your competitors
  • Advertising Concept Testing - identify the right message
  • Message Builder - do messages resonate?
  • Social Media Tracking - measure your brand buzz

Custom Research Services
Creative & Targeted Research to Address Specific Needs:

  • Product / Plan Benefit Design - needs and desires
  • New Member Education - awareness and usage ABCs
  • Disenrollment - understand drivers of dissatisfaction

Voice of the Customer Research
Listen and Learn What Your Members Say About You:

  • Member Experience Mapping - excellent tool for internal training
  • Ethnographic Studies - explore the uniqueness of your members
  • Insight Communities - an ongoing relationship with member advisors
  • Member Diaries - what happens during care treatment
  • Focus Groups - online or in-person discussions

Advanced Analytics
Dive Deeper into the Data to Truly Understand Your Member Base:

  • Key Driver Analysis - prioritizing the results
  • Segmentation - study unique member segments
  • Modeling - “what if” scenarios played out

For more information about our healthcare research professionals and how we can help you navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape, please contact Cheryl Cusmano, VP Healthcare Research, at 248.308.6966 |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..