Healthcare Services

Understanding patients, who may suffer from the same ailments but have differing histories, is a complex assignment. Our experience in the patient services sector allows us to address these issues intelligently and with full recognition of HIPAA considerations. Morpace has established practices with many leading clients in the following sectors:

  • Hospital systems
  • Provider groups
  • Outpatient facilities 
  • Retail outlets

Our expertise includes designing research and consultation to respond to critical business issues related to customer experience, product/service development, and branding:

  • Customer experience – patient/member satisfaction, provider satisfaction, new member welcome, access and availability, product/service usage, growth strategy, loyalty and retention, and social media
  • Product development – feature prioritization, benefit design, new market opportunities, simulation and forecasting
  • Branding – competitor analysis, communications strategy, advertising and message effectiveness, website evaluation

Morpace delivers intelligent design, valuable insights, and excellent service.

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