Powertrain Acceptance & Consumer Engagement

Morpace has been recognized for its expertise in powertrain research within the automotive industry since the first Powertrain Acceptance & Consumer Engagement (PACE) Study was released in 2009. Now, the latest PACE study, fielded in late 2015, is available for purchase.

The 2015 PACE study incorporates several new enhancements, including:

  • A group of HEV, EV, and PHEV owners to better understand their current vehicle experience and the future purchase intentions of these forward-thinking alternative powertrain owners
  • Assessment of how powertrain—and its related attributes—drives purchase consideration relative to other vehicles' features and characteristics
  • Analyses designed to understand the level of improvement (fuel economy, driving range, recharge time, etc.) that is required to move consumers toward alternative powertrain technologies

PACE provides insights into consumers’ acceptance of, and interest in, purchasing a number of alternative powertrains, such as turbo-charged gasoline, hybrid, battery electric, clean diesel, plug-in hybrid, and compressed natural gas.

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