Learn about our interactive data mining and customized report tools.

Reporting & Communication

Online Reporting Tools

Morpace harnesses the power of the Internet to expand the breadth of reporting to offer you interactive data mining and custom report tools, created on-the-fly. We develop reports to meet your unique specifications and needs, designed to succinctly and effectively communicate research results for broad use within your organization.

Dynamic Online Reporting Tools

Morpace Dashboard – Our Dashboard is a customized, user-friendly reporting portal which allows you to interactively engage with market research data such as customer satisfaction and brand development. It provides you with an updated visual of the results of any existing campaign so that quick adjustments or strategic planning can be easily managed.

Webtrack™ – This online interface gives clients access to monitor and download survey data for projects in real-time as additional survey responses are being collected.

Automated Reporting

When you need multiple automated reports, Morpace can generate straightforward static dashboards as well as PowerPoint presentation-ready decks. Our automated reporting system is customizable to meet nearly any reporting requirement, and changes are implemented with very short lead times. We have the power to create thousands of unique report cards or full reports within a few hours.

In response to clients’ requests for increased reporting visuals, Morpace has developed the ability to incorporate digital photographs, pictures and other graphics into the automated reporting system. For example, our automated reporting tool generated 3,000 unique full-length reports built from the same template, involving a total of nearly 40,000 high quality photographs and 240,000 data points.

If you are looking for dynamic, impactful, and instantly accessible market research reporting; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.