Online Research

Morpace Online Research is an effective and efficient way to provide superior design capabilities and a broad range of sampling options to meet virtually all your needs.

Our experienced researchers have developed procedures that effectively monitor and control the entire process. This ensures accurate, timely and insightful results that can be used to support clients’ marketing, sales, product development and other strategic needs.

By using a variety of software solutions, Morpace has the flexibility and power to design an array of internet studies. Unique measurement scales and data collection routines, complex adaptive questionnaire structures, conjoint, choice model, and configurator designs are all included in these capabilities.

Online Survey Experience

Morpace has significantly grown our online survey volume as we have conducted more than 2.4 million online surveys annually, and recently expanded our reach to 50 countries.

Some online applications that Morpace offers include:

  • Ad Concept Testing – using text, still images, or video
  • Conjoint Discrete Choice and Max-Diff studies that require real-time generation of randomized choice sets
  • SOCO™ – complexity management
  • TrimMix® – determining what customers want

Sampling Options

For panel-based samples, we use our relationships with U.S. and international panel suppliers to provide efficient, targeted samples. This provides panel solutions that:

  • Target specific populations – youth, ethnic groups, geographic regions, countries, business/industry targets, etc.
  • Employ multiple panels to complete projects with low incidence populations or large sample sizes – samples that no single panel could provide
  • Offer national and global solutions to meet your online research needs
  • Offer sampling freedom not possible with a captive panel

We monitor samples from multiple panels, and keep tabs on completion rates and emerging results.

Privacy Policy

Morpace respects the privacy and security of personal information by adhering to the CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research.

Please view the Privacy Policy section of our website and contact Morpace at 248.737.5300 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.