Max-Diff Analysis

Measuring the Importance Consumers Place on Attributes is a Common Research Objective

Maximum Difference Analysis (Max-Diff) is one of an array of tools Morpace uses to achieve this goal, and can often in some applications yield more powerful and clearer insights than other rating techniques.

How Does Max-Diff Work?
The Max-Diff survey exercise is based on a measure of customer choice and trade-off, instead of typical rating scale responses. In a Max-Diff exercise, consumers evaluate multiple sets of four to six attributes. For each set, the consumer indicates both the most important item and also the least important item. Responses are analyzed using Hierarchical Bayesian techniques to derive attribute importance scores at the individual respondent level.

How We Use Max-Diff
Like other methods for measuring customer preference, Max-Diff is often used for attribute and feature prioritization. Other uses include product benefits and brand preferences as well as customer needs and attitudes. Its greater differentiation and lack of scale usage effects also means that Max-Diff is a great input to a segmentation analysis.


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