What We Do


Client Immersion
Morpace helps you to define the business issue & identify hypotheses. 

Outside in & Inside Out
Get a holistic snapshot of your brand, by inviting Morpace to conduct secondary research with 3rd party sources and industry experts, in and outside of the company. Find out more here.

The ‘tried & true’ group chats or one-on-ones. Online or offline, central locale or on-the-go, Morpace can talk to your customers in a variety of places & spaces. Find out more here.

There’s simply no better way to learn about – and from – your customer than immersing yourself in their environment. Find out more here.

Uncover insights  about your brand, products, and your customers, from cultivated public online sites and resources. Find out more here.



Journey / Experience Mapping
Truly understand the customer experience from start to finish by telling the story of their multi-channel and multi-step process of engagement with your brand or product.  Whether you want to understand a particular part of their journey, or get an in-depth view of their entire experience, this methodology synthesizes large amounts of information into a power decision making tool. Find out more here.

Buzz Sessions

Find out what is buzzing around your industry. Exploratory research with friendship circles, influencers, or  opinion leaders, capture what trends are coming and what’s going.

Ignite Studio
Ignite studio will unlock the emotional connection between your brand and your customers. Add Ignite’s ‘Flash Talk’ component to develop messages/concepts/claims/benefits. Find out more here.

Claros Communities
Morpace’s solution to Marketing Research Online Communities (MROC), engages your customers over time in a space dedicated to your brand.  You never lose touch with who they are.  Find out more here.



Hired Solutions
Consumers “hire” products to perform a job.  Determine the jobs consumers need fulfilled in your category, and explore how successfully the products being hired are delivering a solution.  Find out more here.

Ideation / Co-creation
Morpace creates a no-boundaries creative environment facilitating  sessions between you and your consumers to generate new ideas. 

Product Innovation Roadmapping
Identifying short term & long term goals for your product or brand within the competitive landscape. Find out more here.

Unmet Needs Workshops
Discover the white space in product categories. Find out more here.



Brand Barometer
A comprehensive look at how your brand & product is perceived through the eyes of your target market. Find out more here.

Home Product Placement  
Place a current (or test) product in your customers hands and discover whether it truly meets their needs in day-to-day life.

Social Media
Uncover how consumers are talking about your brand / products in the social space.