Some of the most common applications of mobile research include:

Mobile Web Surveys and Exercises
Morpace web surveys detect the type of the device being used by the respondent and deliver a survey that is optimized for the device size and its capabilities. This improves the survey experience for respondents and reduces drop-off rates.

Downloadable Mobile Applications
Survey applications are downloaded to the device so that questionnaires can be taken when wireless access is unavailable or unreliable. These applications can then be utilized by respondents on their own devices for mobile panels, diary studies or in-the moment interviews.

Short surveys or polls and invitations to surveys are delivered via text message.

QR Codes
QR Codes are used to direct respondents to mobile surveys or websites to download information, or to direct clients to a reporting website.

Cell Phone Identification Morpace has software and services to identify cell phones from landlines to ensure optimal survey design for telephone samples as well as guarantee that we adhere to cell phone autodialing restrictions.

There are many other applications available to us with this ever-evolving technology. Let Morpace help you make the optimal choice to enhance your mobile research project.