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Mobile Research

Mobile technology is changing the way we communicate and process information. Morpace is here to help you determine the best way to utilize mobile technology to enhance your research projects.

How mobile research is defined is constantly changing as the technology evolves. Morpace has been on the forefront in the use of mobile technology since landline handsets were placed in modem couplers in the 1980s; and PDAs and convertible laptops were first used to conduct intercepts and central local research in 2000. We continue this tradition today with the use of cell phones, smartphones and all types of tablet computers.

 Mobile Research1

Morpace has the experience and knowledge to understand how to address the use of mobile research. We reach respondents while they are actively researching a product or making a purchase decision, so immediate feedback is recorded rather than relying on recall.

Mobile research is a more convenient method of response for the consumer that allows researchers to capitalize on the popularity of the latest mobile device. A hard to reach demographic or customer segment can be reached through mobile research that may not respond to traditional research methods. The same theory for data collection can also be applied to provide you with more immediate access to customer feedback.

The wide variety of capabilities available on mobile devices allows you and your respondents to share visual and audio information quickly and easily. Respondents, interviewers or mystery shoppers can download pictures or video of what they see and experience during a survey. Audio files record spoken comments (that are attached to the survey), which capture the tone and feelings associated with the comments.


GPS technology can also be used to deliver surveys as respondents travel to specific locations or to record geographic information as consumers travel and/or shop.

Morpace is one of the earliest adapters of mobile research and has the expertise to provide its clients with the best applications of this method for data collection and reporting.