Our solution serves as a robust and
customizable research tool.

Facility Research

This objective, third-party evaluation of franchise or corporate-owned locations provides a much more extensive overview than a simple audit. This process incorporates proven research methods combined with assessment results to help uncover what your customers think, and steps that should be taken to address customer feedback.

Corporate attributes measured include consistency, conformity, overall presentation, messaging and brand elements. We’ll help you develop a proper project size and scope, as Facility Assessment is a scalable solution. A comprehensive report with specific recommendations and a self-assessment tool are among the project deliverables.

Corporate Benefits

  • Evaluate high and low performing stores
  • Develop and manage a performance improvement program
  • Simplify the evaluation of contractual agreements and potential disputes
  • Uncover invaluable, objective data to assist with making corporate decisions

Individual Facility Benefits

  • Receive direction on improvements to make that can help earn financial incentives
  • Motivate change and performance improvements
  • Learn how to better manage your business that is visible to your customers
  • Develop a powerful marketing and advertising message for facilities with high ratings

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