An accurate and timely snapshot
of your research.


View Your Research Data in a Convenient, Visual and Interactive Way.

The Morpace Dashboard is a customized, user-friendly reporting portal which allows you to interactively engage with market research data such as customer satisfaction and brand development. It provides you with an updated visual of the results of any existing campaign so that quick adjustments or strategic planning can be easily managed.

Our Dashboard reporting tool allows you to view and track important metrics across one or more studies.  Unlike a portal where information is simply posted with links to original documents, a data Dashboard is a web-page dedicated to providing the results and findings at a glance.

What sets Morpace Dashboards apart is the ease of customization, including our unique “Hot Alerts.” You can see comments from your own customers and can export the information into a variety of Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat formats.  Our “Hot Alerts” System also employs a sophisticated notification and escalation process providing your organization with an opportunity for customer service failure recovery.

We employ our own staff of programmers who can quickly customize a Dashboard so you can make more informed marketing, sales, product development and customer service decisions. It can be designed as a scorecard system, as a way to update the results of a tracking study and as an easy-to-use industry portal.

You will benefit by having visually compelling, highly interactive access to data that is easy to learn and operate.  This powerful business intelligence toolset serves as an efficient information delivery platform.


  • Allows for timely feedback to improve and maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Allows multiple individuals immediate access to simplify report distribution. 
  • Drill-down functionality provides users the ability to understand the “why’s” behind the data.
  • Easily accessible information in a user-friendly format.
  • Ability to update data in a timely fashion.
  • Customizable report templates can be designed to meet your specific needs.
  • Conforms to the highest industry security standards.
  • The Voice of the Customer comes alive with Hot Alerts and Comment reports, and is easily integrated into your current CRM program.
  • Benchmarking and goal achievement allow for continuous operational improvement.

With Morpace Dashboards, all the information you need for reporting, tracking and decision-making is readily available at your fingertips. The enterprise reporting and visual analysis inherent within Morpace Dashboards will allow you to make quick, informed decisions and quickly react and adapt to your customer feedback.

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