Cognitive Analytics

Recent advances in the cognitive sciences have improved our development of innovative approaches to researching consumer preference and choice. These developments have formed what we call Morpace’s Cognitive Analytics™.

This set of measurement tools can provide additional insights into the psychology of your customers. They also provide a means whereby consumers can be segmented based on individual differences in how they evaluate, shop, and ultimately purchase products and services.

One part of the Cognitive Analytics toolbox consists of measurement scales that can be easily incorporated into your survey work. These include the measurement of:

  • Category involvement
  • Risk tolerance
  • Shopping style (e.g., maximizers vs. satisficers)
  • Personal values
  • Brand attachment, and
  • Design sensitivity

Another part of the Cognitive Analytics toolbox consists of prescriptions for designing better research protocols based on the contextual nature of consumers’ involvement in research. These include prescriptions for managing:

  • Consumer biases and context
  • The use of decision heuristics
  • Framing and anchoring effects in surveys, and
  • The role meta-cognition plays in consumer assessment

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