Consumer Choice

Morpace specializes in analyzing consumer choice and making actionable recommendations for product development and marketing and communications strategies.

To determine what features are most important to consumers in a new product, we might recommend a new and powerful attribute prioritization technique called Max-Diff. To model customer choices and market shares and to inform product content and pricing decisions, Discrete Choice Modeling is the method we most often recommend.

Complex products or services (automobiles, new homes, computers, health plans) can potentially be constructed in infinite different configurations. Morpace has developed a suite of tools called SOCO™ (Complexity Management) that has helped companies in a variety of industries to determine the optimum small number of configurations to offer while maximizing market share and profitability.

Enhanced insights into the motivations and dynamics of consumer behavior are provided through Morpace’s Cognitive Analytics™ – a toolbox containing a number of questionnaire batteries and approaches designed to provide greater insight into the underlying drivers of consumer preference and choice.

For a better understanding of the advantages Morpace offers in measuring, modeling, and understanding Consumer Choice This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.