Discover a Consumer Centric Journey Towards Autonomy

Syndicated study outlines how the automotive industry can transition to a consumer-centric approach to autonomous vehicles

Morpace has partnered with SBD and Gamivation to produce a report titled A Consumer Centric Journey Towards Autonomy, available now, that captures consumer assessments of current advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the journey toward next generation autonomous vehicles. With autonomous vehicles expected to be on the road by 2020, now is a critical time to understand consumer perceptions of ADAS, their trust of these systems, how to market autonomous vehicles to different types of consumers, and to ensure that they are properly educated on the benefits they offer. 

A comprehensive methodology consisting of focus groups, hands-on testing, dealership interviews, and a comprehensive quantitative survey was designed with the goal of providing a holistic view of the needs of future autonomous vehicle owners. 

Morpace is pleased to provide you with three of the key findings from this study.

 1) Today’s driver assistance systems are underutilized and misunderstood
Current ADAS features are being turned off by up to 50% of U.S. drivers that own vehicles equipped with these features because they feel more confident in their own abilities to anticipate emergency situations or because they find the warnings to be annoying.

 2) Going from no experience to fully autonomous will be a tough sell
It is important for consumers to experience features before they fully commit to them. The study reveals a higher level of interest for autonomous vehicles among drivers who have some experience with ADAS features. Offering a fully autonomous vehicle directly to a consumer with little to no experience with ADAS features is likely to fail. Rather, consumers need to be gradually introduced to increasingly greater levels of autonomy.

 3) Building trust among consumers is critical
While the study shows that consumers hold a high level of trust for their automotive brands, getting drivers to fully trust an autonomous vehicle is a more difficult feat. Building this level of trust through successful integration of complex ADAS features across a broad range of vehicles will be key to a successful adoption of future autonomous vehicles.  

Benefits of the ADAS Study include:

Identify the consumer profiles that will lead autonomous vehicle adoption 

  •  Criteria identified includes: consumer circumstances, personalities, level of experience using technologies, and more 

Customer opinions and experiences – good and bad – are detailed

  •  Gain first-hand revelations of the frustrations and delights that consumers currently experience with their ADAS features
  •  See how consumers react to greater levels of autonomy

 Turn insights into actionable strategies

  •  Learn how competitors are implementing autonomous features
  •  Compare and contrast consumer viewpoints of what your competitors are doing
  •  Map out areas where you can differentiate your features as part of your overall brand

With A Consumer Centric Journey Towards Autonomy you receive:

  • Full report with recommendations
  • Data tabulations 
  • Onsite presentation, if desired
  • Support for your specific needs

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