NIMH Info on Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

By Linda Sookman, RN BSN, CPHQ, Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt
Healthcare Quality and Accreditation Consultant

In 2016, NIMH reported that suicide was the 10th leading cause of death overall in the US, and it has increasingly become a more prevalent topic in everyday conversation.

As part of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in September, Morpace wanted to share the activities and strategies that NIMH is sponsoring. The endorsement of health and safety programs among your at-risk member populations saves lives, and can support positive member experiences. It is important to evaluate your current access and availability processes for members in crisis, coordinate services early in the members’ treatment and avoid more restrictive and costly services.

As you strive to meet your members’ needs, and in the promotion of safe practices, please let us know if there are annual or interim surveys, access and availability projects, or case management program evaluations that Morpace can assist with.

You can contact me at lsookman@morpace.com or 248.756.0532.