New Partnerships, Collaboration, and the Concept of ‘Fail Fast’ Among the Themes at Our Recent Internal Marketing Meeting

Man in suite at a business meeting making notes on a table

By: Sara Beauchaine, Marketing Associate

When the final day of our 2016 internal Marketing Meeting had concluded, our company leaders walked away with several interesting messages you may not often hear from researchers. For example, “failing fast” can be a positive way to encourage innovation, and knowing how to improvise can help in being more supportive of clients and colleagues. But then again, this annual meeting evolved into something much more than qualitative versus quantitative.

The Marketing Meeting is a two-day conference where Morpace managers from all of our global offices meet once a year in Detroit to hear about industry trends from experts, share plans for new products and research solutions, and collaborate on ways to better meet the needs of our clients.

This year we invited Chad J. Willett, a former actor and professional speaker, to present as our keynote. Chad shared how aspects of his acting career can translate into helping “Corporate America” be more innovative, creative, and productive.

Four main concepts were emphasized during his presentation, titled “Smash the Box”: say “yes, and…” to facilitate continued conversation and ideation; embrace mistakes to keep moving forward on the road to success; make statements, as these create better relationships between coworkers and clients; and defer judgement of other ideas.

Go Comedy!, a local improv theater group from metro Detroit, performed during the meeting and shed light on the importance of using improvisational techniques as an effective way to communicate. By bringing some of our team members on stage, they also made us realize the importance of active listening, which can make us all better communicators.

Also on the agenda were presenters sharing more in depth information on recent partnerships which have recently developed with Keller Fay for Word of Mouth research and Qualtrics, a technology provider with particular expertise in CX and Employee engagement. Also discussed was the expansion of our syndicated products, and a “Big Data” product to expand our Commercial Vehicles practice.

Now that this year’s meeting has passed, we can sit back and let the many takeaways of the conference soak in. I was particularly struck by a concept that was presented by our CEO and President, Duncan Lawrence: “Fail Fast”. Duncan encouraged us to embrace the fact that we could fail because the payoff for taking a risk is so much greater. He noted that it is better to fail fast at something, rather than ride out an idea or concept that is bound to fail eventually. After all, failure isn’t avoidable or unacceptable; it is a necessary component of success.

The Marketing Meeting’s overarching theme of exploring new frontiers leaves us with a bright perspective of not only who we are now, but what we will become in the months and years ahead. Perhaps most importantly, we left with a sense of motivation that there is room for us to simply be better, and that we are all an integral part of planning a roadmap to help us get to where we want to be.


Morpace Celebrates the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2

By Olive Zhang, Vice President

One of the great things about joining Morpace a few years back was the ability to share Asian-Pacific culture with our colleagues in North America and Europe. One of those traditions is the annual Chinese New Year celebration that occurs in February and March.

This year’s Chinese New Year began on February 19 and concluded yesterday with The Lantern Festival, which is celebrated on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar.

This year marked the Year of the Sheep, Goat or Ram. This is because the Chinese character yang can be translated as all of these animals. Both sheep and goats are raised in China. Sheep though are only found in the grasslands on the country’s northern fringes whereas goats are more commonplace.

The ram — a male sheep – is preferred by some residents in China who prefer not to associate as directly with docile characteristics associated with the sheep.

Other countries in the Asia-Pacific region have been selecting one of the animals in particular to focus on their New year celebrations. For example in Vietnam, this celebration is known as Tet, and they are celebrating the Year of the Goat. In Japan, residents have been associating more with the Year of the Sheep.

Chinese new Year 3

So wherever in the world you are, a belated Happy New Year from those of us in the Morpace Asia-Pacific office. And may the Year of the Sheep, Goat or Ram be good to you and your family.