Our Value-Added Research Tools Maximize Profitability.


Morpace researchers work closely with our internal Analytics & Modeling team to create innovative research solutions that will help solve many of your challenges. These solutions are unique to our company and further demonstrate our high level of expertise.

One example is our Complexity Management tool (SOCOTM), which helps to minimize the number of feature combinations you need to manufacture to meet your customers’ needs and expectations. You can take the qualitative information derived from SOCO to streamline your manufacturing efficiencies and increase profits. For example, you could significantly reduce the number of vehicle combinations available to the driving public with this proven method, without losing coverage or volume.

Another example is our Feature Preference and Pricing (FP2) solution which includes SOCO but takes it several steps further. This proprietary solution is designed to measure consumer interest in, and sensitivity to prices of automotive features. The unique part of FP2 is that it identifies what consumers are willing to pay for specific vehicle features or combination of features. So what you get is knowledge – the type of knowledge that your competitors don’t have.

The FP2 suite of products also includes Perceived Value AnalysisTM, Vehicle Profit EnrichmentTM and Morpace ValuationTM. With this suite of solutions, you will save time and money.

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