Expertise in the Retail and Financial Services Sectors.


 No matter what retail segment your business is in, customer preferences constantly change. Retailer innovation and the introduction of new services are critical to ensure long-term viability, maintaining a competitive edge, and fostering growth in terms of being customer’s first choice when they are thinking of where to shop.

The Chinese retail sector has gone through significant changes over the past decade. The growth of competition and customer expectations makes it vital for you to understand who your customers are and what their expectations are.

With global and Chinese industry experts, Morpace’s research delivers insights on how to retain customers, and increase their loyalty, satisfaction and brand awareness.  That’s because our retail industry experts and research professionals provide advice, strategic guidance and actionable insights.

Morpace is especially known for our expertise in the following retail specialty areas:

  • Location study
  • Shopping mall positioning
  • Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advocacy
  • Branding and Communication Strategy

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Financial Services

Morpace provides financial services firms with the market intelligence and insight required in today’s ever-changing marketplace.  We deliver highly focused and well executed research programs targeted to your business objectives and outcomes that provides impact.

China is experiencing major changes in the financial services industry that reflect global and historic events in the economic, political and regulatory environments. Learn how we help our clients by providing them the guidance they need in these uncertain times.

Through our work with firms of all sizes across the globe, we understand some of the key challenges facing the financial services industry including:

  • The diminished regard for financial institutions—by the public and regulators—has led to regulatory changes negatively impacting revenue.
  • Capital and compliance burdens continue to add to costs and are exacerbated by a challenging interest rate environment.
  • Continued consolidation and increased competition at all levels of the industry—from large banks to local credit unions.
  • Fast growing high net worth individuals – who are looking for financial institute to park their assets
  • Suffering from monetary tightening policy, SMEs are seeking alternative financing channels

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