Who Buys Electric Vehicles?

Morpace's Online EV Community Seeks Answers

Most consumers require an “intense” shopping experience before they purchase an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid vehicle in the U.S., according to information derived from focus groups and Morpace’s MyDrivingPower online community.

The U.S. hybrid and EV market is growing, and characteristics of EV vehicle owners have begun to emerge which is giving OEMs and marketers a better feel for what goes into U.S. consumers’ buying decisions in this area, said Morpace Research Director Eric Roach. These findings come from this proprietary online community of more than 350 EV and hybrid vehicle owners in the U.S. that Morpace researchers interact with monthly.

“What we’re finding is that EV and hybrid consumers really do their homework,” Roach said. “They search the Internet and social media outlets and look for feedback from their online network. Then, as they gain experience with their vehicles, these consumers report a high level of satisfaction and are quick to recommend EVs to others. It’s a very referral heavy approach.”

As a global marketing research firm with a strong automotive practice, Morpace has been tracking U.S. EV and hybrid sales for several years, and developed the MyDrivingPower online community in 2012 to better follow consumer purchase trends.

Feedback from this online community further suggests that EV and hybrid owners are driven only partially by good citizenship when making their decisions. They value high levels of performance and an attract design of their vehicles, too, Roach said. Charging routines are developed quickly, and not seen as inconvenient. EV and hybrid owners tend to adjust their driving patterns to extend battery range.

“We do see that EV owners are very flexible and adapt to the environment of infrastructure that is available where they live and work,” Roach said.

For further insights about the My Driving Power panel, contact Eric Roach directly at 248.865.1552 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Learn more online at www.morpace.com.

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