Fake "Customer Services Evaluator" Offer - July/August 2016



Morpace Inc. has recently learned that its name is being exploited by a group, with no connection to our company, as part of an effort to defraud consumers.
People around the U.S. are receiving offer letters bearing the Morpace Inc. brand name, and fake contact information, inviting recipients to appear as a potential customer of certain well known businesses. A check is enclosed along with the letter, as payment for covering fund transfers and compensation for the recipient’s services. Recipients of the offer are asked to email "contact @ morpaceinc.com" to receive detailed instructions, and are then asked, conduct a survey evaluation on money transfer services in your area by patronizing their service to measure customer’s satisfaction levels of individuals that use the service. Of course, the check enclosed with the offer is not legitimate, but by the time that comes to light, the recipients have wired and potentially lost their own money.

Morpace Inc. is in no way associated with these offers. Unfortunately, these fraudulent schemes are using the names of reputable companies like ours without our permission. We are taking all necessary steps to work with the appropriate law enforcement and governmental authorities about this scam.

If you have received an offer similar to the one described above, we recommend the following:

  • DO NOT attempt to cash or deposit the check (if the check has already been deposited, you should alert your bank immediately)
  • DO NOT send any money to Western Union, Money Gram or any like agencies
  • DO NOT contact the email listed on the offer and do not disclose any personal or bank account information
  • If you receive any suspicious communications, please report them to law enforcement immediately. You can contact your local law enforcement, or you can submit a report online to the FBI cybercrimes division at www.ic3.gov.
  • If you receive an email with an address that does not end in “@morpace.com”, or if you visit a website with an address that does not end in "morpace.com", then the email and/or website is not affiliated with Morpace Inc. and is likely part of the scam.