Locale: United States



  • Moderating is perfect for me…I can engage in conversation with anyone (especially if it’s about music).
  • At home and at work, I’m always talking cars.
  • I love it when a get together ignites into a dance party.
  • I'm a big hockey fan. Go Red Wings!

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  • Moderating is the perfect fit for me – I’m the child my mother worried about because from an early age I always talked to “strangers”!  I’m told I’d say hi to just about anyone … and kept at it until they replied back.
  • I love to moderate in cities where I can visit a restaurant featured on my favorite Food Network show.
  • I bleed GREEN for my Michigan State Spartans!
  • The farmer’s market, my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning.

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  • How did I get into research?  I didn’t, this job is all about discovery – finding out why things are the way they are and formulating solutions. What could be better?
  • I race my bikes whenever I can. Me on my Ducati.
  • Urban exploration is a favorite past time – there’s lots a city can offer if you seek it out.
  • I’ve been working on mechanical toys from the time I was 3. Cars are really just supersized.



  • Chris gave up his dream of being a rock star because he heard the perks in the market research industry were far better.
  • Working out. Nothing like it + it helps me feel better.
  • Love to travel. Let’s go!
  • You can take the boy out of Detroit, but you can’t take the Detroit out of the boy…yes, even the Pistons and Lions!

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  • I started moderating over a decade ago during automotive clinics.  Over the years, moderating has morphed into fun and interesting opportunities relating to commercial vehicles, parts and new technologies.
  • I enjoy keeping active, but not swimming.
  • I travel a lot with my family.
  • I do appreciate a good pub.



  • Perpetual Escapist; I get mini heart attacks when my iCalendar does not have a dot on each day. 
  • Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
  • There is only one meal.  Brunch.
  • Change your shoes, change your life.



  • I’ve conducted studies about many things in a variety of places and spaces, but I always find myself getting pulled into the digital space.
  • Curiosity keeps me traveling.
  • I’m up for a game anytime.
  • Dancing & performing is a childhood dream come true.
  • I’m always quoting my grandmother. That woman has a saying for everything!

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  • I work hard, play hard – take advantage of down time while traveling to explore new cities.
  • “The mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir
  • Love to follow the Last Great Race on Earth®.
  • Nothing better than spending a day at the old ballpark.

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Locale: United Kingdom


  • I just love listening to people, talking to people, working out what makes them tick.
  • I think sports keep me young...but then I do them and my body reminds me how old I am.
  • I am generally kept under control by those much younger than myself.
  • Red wine is something to be cherished–at no time should it be heated and have spices added to it.



  • I’m always fascinated to get out of the office and meet respondents in their homes, workplaces, where they shop or just where they hang out – it’s always interesting to see where the action really takes place.
  • Big fan of pop psychology books.
  • Secret artist (think big & bold not high quality!).
  • Rain or shine, running’s always a good idea.